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If you are a cat or dog owner then you know how frustrating it is to keep your pet’s hair off your clothes and it is not even the fault of your fur babies. Their shedding can ruin your nicest outfits and nobody wants that. Get this hassle-free Pet Hair Remover Brush today to keep their hair off your clothes, couch, and bed. You just need to roll it over the surface you want to clean and in one easy swipe, the surface will be good as new. It is really easy to clean the brush when you feel like it is full of hair. Just push the button provided on the top and everything inside it will be out in a few seconds.


  • Category: Hair Removal
  • Colors available: white, green, pink
  • easy storage
  • no damage to clothing
  • electrostatic adsorption

Package Includes:

1x 1 hair removal brush

Weight 123.00 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 80 cm

White, Green, Pink, Blue

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